Foreign divers

Foreign divers are welcome!

How to dive with the BRAM

BRAM is a diving club, consisting only of hobby divers with one common passion: the discovery and the exploration of the submarine grounds, which are of an extraordinary diversity in this region.

Diving in Brittany

According to French law divers must present :
A medical certificate
Their logbook
Minimum degree requested : C.M.A.S. * diver
No minimum degree requested if you are accompanied by a C.M.A.S.** instructor
Sorry we cannot accept PADI divers without CMAS level equivalence.

How to book a dive
Please phone to the divemaster (see details on the blackboard at the club, address : Terre-plein du port Léchiagat 29730 TREFFIAGAT), or
send an email
Appear in person
Check if there is any place available,
Check with her/him all further particulars

How much does it cost? May I rent an equipement? Rates 2015
 guest diver costs
 1 diver, diver with equipment 26 €
 equipment on loan, stabilizer jack, tank, regulator free
 participation in fuel for diving at a far-off place5 per dive

 guest diver, rate for 5 dives costs
 diver with complete equipment 100
 equipment on loan, stabilizer jacket, tank, regulatorfree
 participation in fuel for diving at a far off place 5 per dive

 guest group, at least 10 divers costs
 1 dive, diver with equipment 20
 tank filling 6

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